Q: What cars are welcome at High G Racing events?

A: Any safe, well maintained car is acceptable. SUVs and trucks are welcomed upon pre-notice

(please contact our staffs in advance before any registration). Open wheels are not allowed at

this time.

Q: What happens if weather gets bad

A: We run wet or dry. However, the track usability solely depends on track staffs. If the track is closed due to weather before the event, then it will be rescheduled upon track’s availability in the future. In fact, a damp track is good for drivers to learn how to control the car and improve the driving skill.

Q: What are the requirements for participating in events?

A: Drivers must be 18 years of age or older. Younger drivers are allowed with a parent present and the proper waivers signed. All drivers must have closed toe shoes and a helmet. Helmets are available to rent at the track, however, they are available on a first come, first served basis and only a limited number are available. 

Q: What can I expect as a Novice


A: All novice drivers must attend mandatory drivers’ meeting before hitting the track. Novice

group will start with controlled pace lap. One on one in car instructors will be available upon

request. We recommend all drivers study the rule page before any HPDE event

Q: Are convertibles allowed?

A: Convertibles are allowed provided they have factory or aftermarket installed roll protection. If

no roll protection is present, the top must be up in order to participate.

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